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Empower non-creatives to customize content. Templates allow any organization to build consistent brand assets, on-demand, without sapping time from your creative team.

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[Templates] create confidence for those sales and marketing folks that don't typically get to make stuff. They're in our design, but they're the ones producing this. It makes them feel like they're a part of the creation process.

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Brandon Nalband
Creative Operations Manager

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    Lock design elements

    Version control is under control with the ability to lock design-sensitive aspects of any asset, leaving no room for customized asset templates to stray outside brand guidelines.

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    Edit text

    Set predefined options for the customizable text elements of your asset templates or allow free-form input, taking yet another step out of your teams' personalization efforts.

  • Edit images icon

    Edit images

    Swap images with ease by embedding files already in your Brandfolder or uploading them locally to ensure the message matches.

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    Break up the bottleneck that is the creative approval process by managing it to completion right within Brandfolder. Securely review when necessary and immediately release templates for customization when ready.

  • Export to multiple formats icon

    Export to multiple formats

    Once customized, templates can be easily downloaded in digital and print friendly formats.

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    Brandfolder's ease of use includes web-to-print, giving the option to quickly turn templates into tangible assets wherever they're needed.

Build with Adobe Creative Cloud

Brandfolder integrates seamlessly with the Adobe Creative Cloud, connecting your teams directly with brand assets without missing a beat. Turn Adobe Creative Cloud files into templates as the first step of the pre-approved, customized content workflow.

Adobe Creative Cloud integration
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Set guardrails for creative control

Just because it's a template, doesn't mean it completely loses the need for creative control. Using best in class UX, easily edit who, what and how an asset can be customized and confidently watch the personalized content flow.

Personalize and distribute

Put that personal touch right at your teams' fingertips. Like any brand asset in Brandfolder, templates are found where and how you'd expect, using the world's most intuitive DAM search function. Editing is done just as easily, quickly taking content from designed to delivered.

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