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An example Brandguide featuring a color palette, typography, logo do's and dont's


Keep your brand consistent, no matter who's telling your story with the always up-to-date, accessible anywhere Brandguide from Brandfolder.

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Example brandguide for Cocoa + Bean, showcasing Photography with an option to download selection or all
man wearing Everlast boxing gloves
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We're now one brand globally rather than a segmented brand with one thing here and one thing there, "It allows us to push the overall brand message better."

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Josh Mevorach
Senior Marketing Manager

Everlast logo


  • Custom name, slug, and card image icon

    Custom name, slug, and card image

    Choose how people access your brand guidelines and how it will appear at the top level of your Brandfolder organization.

  • Custom styling icon

    Custom styling

    Choose font size, font type, colors, and favicon image for your brand guidelines.

  • CSS styling icon

    CSS styling

    Add CSS to fine tune every aspect of your brand guidelines look and feel.

  • Create sections and rich text icon

    Create sections and rich text

    Create the structure of your brand guidelines so everything is clear and organized.

  • Embed images and video icon

    Embed images and video

    Embed images and video right from your Brandfolder. You even have the option to make those assets downloadable right from your brand guidelines.

  • Preview icon


    Check as you go that everything is looking tip top.

Define your brand guidelines and key assets

A lot of research and hard work goes into defining your brand and creating the assets that bring it to life. Unfortunately, we can't do that work for you, but Brandfolder is the best place to easily store, manage, share, manipulate, and analyze your brand assets across hundreds of formats including 8K video, documents, images, and 3D renderings.

screenshot of Cocoa and Bean's assets in a Brandfolder, featuring a line of brightly colored donuts
an example Brandguide describing the visual guidelines for text on images

Construct and style

Once you've landed on the brand characteristics that best connect with your customers, build out your brand guidelines with the structure, content, and style you need to clearly communicate every detail and carry your business to the next level with Brandguide.

Enable and enforce

Build customer loyalty and brand recognition through consistency and integrity. Once your brand guidelines are built in Brandguide, you can share them with the world so no matter who is telling your story, it's told right, every time.

a text message conversation showing a coworkers sharing an updated Brandguide