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Unlock the full potential of your teams. Smartsheet and Brandfolder bring marketing, creative, and content together in one place.

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My favorite thing is the support from the Smartsheet team. Three people now have told me about a feature update we can use to more easily move things from Smartsheet to Brandfolder. That is huge, having a support team I feel very comfortable with, that I can lean on.

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Tanya Cuadra
Senior Production Manager, Overtime


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    Work management

    Everything you need from project to process management, reporting, request forms, and more in a Forrester Wave leading Collaborative Work Management platform.

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    Digital asset management

    Industry leading DAM to easily store, manage, share, manipulate, and analyze assets across hundreds of formats including 8K video, documents, images, and 3D renderings.

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    One single source of truth for all teams to come together across work and content. Communicate in context on projects, processes, and even assets.

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    Create custom reports and dashboards for visibility across content and team performance in ways that are purpose-built for your business.

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    Streamline work and content use across your tool set. With integrations for everything from Adobe Creative Cloud to Hubspot, building high impact marketing has never been easier.

Streamline & Centralize

Align from ideation to launch

Build your marketing plans and creative process in Smartsheet. Centralize intake and planning where work and collaboration happen to make sure everything is aligned and everyone is marching to the same drum. With everything in one place, you can spot and address trouble areas before they impact deadlines.

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Publish & Maximize

Streamline asset delivery

Simplify the review process with the ability to comment on, markup, and approve assets right within Smartsheet. Once approved, publish them to Brandfolder in just a few clicks, along with all of the important metadata from their creation, where they can be shared, distributed, and used over and over again.

Optimize & Iterate

Optimize creative and marketing ROI

With end-to-end visibility on team and marketing performance you have the data you need to optimize and iterate. Know what's working and what's not. Prove marketing's impact and efficiency while continuously improving process, strategy, creativity, and effectiveness with data-driven insights.

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