Authenticity Unleashed.

11025963_10205533229506065_1651921482527869564_nWhat if what we have been told is all wrong?
What if I told you that the most important parts of our ourselves ARE the fragile, cracked parts?
What if our strengths are found in dusting off our failures?
What if the treasured part of ourselves lie sunken into our rock bottom?
What if imperfect authenticity outshines the plastic guise of perfection?

We are programmed to project the best version of ourselves.

As children, it is spelled out in the letters printed on our report cards. It shines in our medals and trophies. It is thread throughout our college essays.

As adults, we photoshop our lives online to crop out the messy parts. We even have the polished answer ready for the interview question about identifying our weaknesses.


‘Never let them see you cry’, the say. We are programmed to present a high-polished version of ourselves at all times.

As an author, writer, speaker, clinician, business leader, and parent, the key to all growth that I have witnessed and experienced has been rooted in authenticity.

All success stems from a self that is both strong and vulnerable,  accountable and risk-taking. Like so many of us, this is counter-intuitive to all that I was taught.