12523208_575925529241646_5842402978343753380_nI write. This is who I am. Before I could even put words down on paper, I was a writer. I would write in my mind and then ask my mom to write what I had said.

At age 5, I won the ‘What is Love?’ essay contest at our local library. Before I even understand what a job was, I knew writing was my calling.

I am a contributing writer at nj.com. My writings have appeared in print in The Star Ledger and Voices in the Library. I am a columnist for the Seabrooker. My writings are featured in a half a dozen other publications including The Good Men Project, Role Reboot, Everyday Feminism, DotTransfers, among other places.

sweetie14I am a speaker. As the author of a children’s book: Sweetie’s Search for a Forever Home in the Garden State, I have traveled to dozens of schools and organizations to speak on the gift of writing, publishing, and following your calling.

I am a business leader. I spent over a decade building a profitable business. My experience in both private industry arena, government, and non-profit circles have offered me insight into growth, leadership and development in an array of settings. This work has led me to consulting.

10354729_10204307403701186_6108673235103887702_nI am an MSW and a clinician. I am an observer. I attained my Master’s in Social Work at New York University (NYU), My social work has brought me alongside of  brave souls inside of hospitals, schools, and on the streets. I spent half a decade working inside of a long-term inpatient psychiatric unit.

I am a mom of four strong-willed daughters, three spirited rescue dogs, and the counterpart to one husband.

You can find me either
writing at my desk,
spending time with my family,
my head buried in a book,

my toes buried in the sandy beaches of Charleston, SC.


Notable Achievements:

12507518_1677225995850471_6985996338740460981_nNew Leadership NJ Scholar at The Eagleton Institute of Politics

2002 Dr. Georgia L. McMurray Student Award

1999. English Departmental Award, Caldwell University

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