Chaos, forgiveness and a new year.

Our home is chaos. Happy chaos. Most of the time. Three little girls seven and under battle for the bathroom sink and mirror. Our four-month old infant nurses at night for forty minute clips. Our self-owned business is all-consuming at times. Our youngest dog is blind in one eye from gunshot wounds he suffered before he […]

The Living Gifts of the Dead

Today is November 2nd, All Souls’ Day. The burning red and glittering gold leaves dance in the wind showing us both how to live and how to die. Today would have been my mom’s birthday. It still is her birthday wherever she is. Whether she’s flickering amongst the most brilliant stars, breezing through southeastern trade winds […]

Loss and Its Silver Threaded Lining

A fews days ago I heard the unfortunate news that someone from town had passed away. Moments after hearing the shocking news, I picked up my phone to call my mom. As quickly as I picked up the phone, I put it down. I sat there even a bit surprised at myself. I can’t call […]

Anti-Resolutions for the New Year: Adjusting To Life’s Varying Water Pressure

In the wee hours of a cold, winter night well over a decade ago, in an encroached, wood-paneled living room in a Bayonne, New Jersey apartment, a wager was made. After several bottles of wine, bits of laughter, the sparring of intellect, and a fiercely competitive round of Trivial Pursuit, two couples decided that the winning team […]

Forgiveness: An Essential Practice For Your Soul’s Sake

After dropping off our two oldest daughters at camp, my husband and I packed up our cooler and our two-year-old daughter and walked past the dunes out to the beach. That is what people do on vacation. They make an effort to relax. Eight-hundred miles from home on a vast, vacant shore, we scooped up […]

On the Issue of Women’s Issues

There is all of this recent talk of women and how far we have come, how much we are entitled to, and what is fair. It is an age-old discussion with the same expected political twists and turns.It seems that our initial inclination is to segregate ourselves into categorical divisions. Who is a feminist? Who supports what political agenda? […]